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Who we are

V. Bougatsos SA is an engineering contracting company specialized in Air Conditioning, Industrial Refrigeration, Ventilation and Cleanrooms Construction and is the result of 30 years’ experience in sophisticated HVAC applications.

V. Bougatsos SA has deep knowledge in the special requirements for cooling, ventilating and contamination control in Food & Drinks Industry, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Micro-electronics, Metallurgy, Printing Plants and commercial buildings such as Healthcare Facilities, Museums and Places of Assembly (theaters, concert halls, auditoriums).

The company assists the customer from conceptual design to turn-key execution, validation and systems life-circle maintenance.

“V.Bougatsos SA greatest asset is the long list of satisfied customers with whom we maintain a trustworthy collaboration for more than 20 years offering innovative, cost-efficient and sustainable solutions.” 

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  • 1988 – Mr. Vasileios Bougatsos, Dipl. Electrical and Mechanical Engineer NTUA starts the business in commercial HVAC after a successful carrier in Mitsubishi Hellas as Technical Manager.
  • 1996 – The company develops to a Société Anonyme, SA
  • 2000 – The company starts strong exports activity undertaking projects in East – Europe: Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and Poland. In the next fifteen years the company accomplishes significant projects in Africa, Turkey and India.
  • 2007 – Mrs. Katia Bougatsou, Mechanical Engineer NTUA joins the company initiating an era of constant growth and success
  • 2010 – The first turn-key project in cleanrooms for food manufacturing is carried out in Romania and the company becomes active in the field of cleanrooms as a general contractor.
  • 2012 – V. Bougatsos SA establishes the Romanian subsidiary company FRIGOmech Ltd
  • 2015 – The company obtains international certification in designing, constructing and validating of cleanrooms & contamination control environment from Cleanroom Testing and Certification Board – International from UK.

As a second generation company our mission is to continuously expand and develop as a leader HVAC partner benefiting from the long experience of the company’s course and offering innovative and technologically advanced solutions contributing to a sustainable environment.


We are proud of our high skilled team which includes professionals of different specializations in the engineering field, such as electrical and mechanical engineers, process engineers and qualified technicians. Our first priority is to provide initiatives to our people for continuous development and firmly support them in this scope. But above all, the ethic of collaboration and solidarity is the greatest advantage of this team which has played a major role to company's success.

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