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ACRO music Halls, Athens, Greece
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ACRO music Halls, Athens, Greece

ACRO music Halls, Athens, Greece

ACRO music hall is a well-known music stage in Athens which houses popular performances of the most famous Greek singers and also accommodates special events such as yearly music awards etc. 

ACRO has a concentration capacity of 10,000 people and has a very delicate architectural structure since one entire side of the hall, exactly beside the music scene, is made of glass offering a straight view to the marvelous sight of Acropolis. Also the hall’s roof is made of glass, as well, and is sliding movable allowing open space conditions during summer nights. Also audience area has an amphitheatric structure consisting of four peripheral floors and the main hall.

All these elements as well as the hall’s large concentration capacity posed very demanding HVAC requirements which needed to be met in order to assure that the best air conditions will be provided for a space of so sophisticated aesthetic. 

Our company designed and materialized the HVAC system for ACRO music hall as well as for the rest multiplex building of 25,000sq.m. which houses ACRO. 

We focused our design on the following issues:

  • Multi-zone approach to meet the different cooling and heating demands of the amphitheatric space 
  • Fresh air quantity regulation according hall’s concentration with associated regulation of cooling and/or heating production
  • Appropriate air distribution and diffusion to achieve effective smoke exhaust without producing disturbing, to the audience, air-streams (the HVAC system was foreseen for smoking permission in the entire hall)
  • Relative humidity  manipulation as the concentration of people accumulates

The project was accomplished with total success. ACRO operates since 2009 offering special performances to the Greek audience.

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