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Multiplex Commercial Building in Athens, Greece
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Multiplex Commercial Building in Athens, Greece

Multiplex Commercial Building in Athens, Greece

In the hurt of Athens, in Iera Odos Avenue, a 25,000 sq.m. multiplex commercial building was constructed to be used for entertainment halls, restaurants, casinos, cafeterias and music halls.

Our group undertook the design and materialization of all the HVAC utilities of the building including:

  • Central cooling system of 3,000kW total installed capacity
  • Central heating system of 2,600kW heating capacity
  • Central hot water production for the sanitary needs of the building using heat regain from the air-cooled chillers
  • Air-handling units for the various halls air-conditioning and ventilation needs. Automatic regulation of fresh air according to people concentration in the halls
  • Central building management system (BMS) for the automatic control and monitoring of all the electromechanical facilities of the building (HVAC, sub-stations, hygiene water, lighting, wastewater pumps etc.)

Our company was selected to undertake the project because we provided solutions which successfully achieved significant energy conservation due to the fact that:

  • Cooling or/and heating is produced accordingly to the current demand (when the halls have low concentration in people fresh air is limited appropriately, lowering the need of fresh air pre-cooling or pre-heating)
  • All quanity of sanitary water is heated with no energy consumption by reclaiming heat from the cooling machines.According to a running cost-analysis the HVAC systems achieve an energy conservation which can be quantified at 200,000€ per year comparing to a conventional systems.

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