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Chipita Cake Bars Lines, Romania
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Chipita Cake Bars Lines, Romania

Chipita Cake Bars Lines, Romania

A state of the art application, the first large scale ISO 8 cleanroom for food processing.
The project was to design and materialize a special control contamination production area of classification ISO 8 (100.000 FED 20E) which enclosed two production lines of cake products.
The project was accomplished with total success and it achieved:

  • Stable temperature 24oC and relative humidity 45%
  • Air Cleanliness: particles of  0,5μm < 1.000.000/m3 at full operation
  • Overpressure 15 Pa

The project also included a chilled glycol system -15oC 120  kW for the production needs, an air conditioning system in the packing area and a special ventilation system for the rest area.
Project Execution Year: 2011

Chipita is a leading international producer of bakery and confectionary products and is the largest company worldwide in production of croissants. Chipita has presence in more than 35 countries and operates more than 15 production plants all over the world.

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