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VIOHALCO SA Group of companies

VIOHALCO SA Group of companies

Our group maintains a successful collaboration with VIOHALCO SA Group of companies for more than two decades providing solutions in Refrigeration and HVAC applications which meet the high standards of VIOHALCO Group and effectively addressing the complicated process requirements.

Our company has carried out projects for the under-mentioned companies of VIOHALCO Group:

ELVAL SA, Oinofita, Greece; industrial air-conditioning of electro-stations; special cooling system for the hot air streams which dry the painted aluminium; 

SOVEL SA, Almiros, Greece; industrial air-conditioning of the electro-stations

CABLEL SA, Thiva, Greece; contamination control HVAC systems for high voltage cables manufacturing; industrial air-conditioning of the electro-stations; equipment control rooms close control air-conditioning

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