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ARGO ABEE, Koropi, Greece
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ARGO ABEE, Koropi, Greece

ARGO ABEE, Koropi, Greece

Argo is a Greek production company of plastic & rigid packaging products (bottles, canisters, tubes, vials, droppers etc.) which are used for healthcare, personal care, animal care, chemicals, food and drink products bottling and packaging. 

ARGO is present in the Romanian market under the name ARGO ROM Plastics SA and operates a contemporary production plant in Bucharest from 1998.

In their central factory in Koropi Greece, our group provided all the HVAC systems, that is:

  • Cleanrooms of class ISO 8 (100.000) & ISO 7 (10.000) for the production of pharmaceutical tubes, vials & droppers
  • Main production halls air-conditioning
  • Spot cooling in the packaging area
  • Construction of cold rooms -18oC
  • Offices area air-conditioning
  • Central fire-detection system

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