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Alfa Beta Roto, Komotini, Greece
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Alfa Beta Roto, Komotini, Greece

Alfa Beta Roto, Komotini, Greece

Alfa Beta Roto produces flexible packaging materials for more than 50 years. They operate two production plants, one in Athens, and another in Komotini Greece. Their main production is carried out in Komotini.

Our group maintains a successful collaboration with Alfa Beta Roto from the last 10 years having provided all the HVAC systems for the production plants.Recently Alfa Beta Roto re-built their plant in Komotini.

Our company designed and materialized all the HVAC applications comprising of:

  • Central cooling station of 1,250kW installed cooling capacity
  • Air handling units for the scope of air-conditioning, air filtration and ventilation; 180,000 m3/h total supplied air quantity
  • Printing cylinders cooling system 240kW
  • Air exhaust from the rotogravure printing machines
  • Heat reclaim from air exhaust of the rotogravure printing machines, total heating capacity 6,000 kW
  • Oil heating system for printings drying with heat regain from the combustion gases
  • First material and final product warehouses heating 

Project Execution Year: 2012

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