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Museums and Libraries

Preservation of artifacts and pieces of historic culture is of extreme importance because they contain people’s historic heritage and demonstrate mankind's attainments through ages.

Such pieces are preserved in museums, libraries and galleries and demand extra delicate air conditions and air quality control to assure that no harm from environmental factors will be posed to the collections. What is more these objects are exposed to public view, an issue that introduces significant instability and makes it even more difficult to maintain constant air conditions and quality.

Relative Humidity is the most important factor in defining appropriate conditions for artifacts preservation and affects directly biological, mechanical and chemical properties of the exhibits.

Temperature is necessary to be controlled because excessive temperature conditions can make exhibits brittle or accelerate deterioration. Nevertheless the most important factor in maintaining stable temperature is the need to maintain stable relative humidity since variations in temperature affect directly relative humidity.

Pollutants filtration is also especially important since many substances such as Sulfur Dioxide, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Acids etc. can harm irreversibly the masterpieces even in bare concentrations.

V. Bougatsos SA has deep knowledge in HVAC Systems for Museums, Galleries and Libraries having executed projects in the most well-known museums in Greece, like Institute of Eliza's Goulandris.

V. Bougatsos SA offers expertise design and project turn-key materialization of HVAC systems for museums, libraries etc. including:

  • Central cooling and heating stations

  • Multi-zoning special air-handling units with pre-heating, cooling, and re-heating coils for de-humidification

  • Air filtration from particles and gas pollutants

  • Humidification systems

  • De-humidification with desiccant humidifiers if needed

  • Air distribution duct systems and appropriate air diffusion with consideration to air movement in order not to blow air directly into the exhibits

  • Full automation systems for best equipment adjustability to the current demand.

V. Bougatsos SA can assist customers and national institutions in initial design and requirements determination of museums, auditoriums, galleries or exhibition buildings with respect to the special requirements of the particular exhibits and the best energy consumption adjustability.

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