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Music Halls, Theaters, Conference Centers
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Music Halls, Theaters, Conference Centers

Music Halls, theaters, auditoriums, conference halls etc. require temperature and humidity control, as well as large quantities of fresh air, to provide comfort conditions to the attendees.

Load demands can vary significantly according to the current people occupancy.

Peak demands occur expeditiously and the HVAC system must promptly cater for the needed cooling or heating demand and supply with the necessary fresh air.

Moreover, appropriate air diffusion is a major issue to achieve efficacious air distribution without producing annoyance and discomfort to the gathered individuals.

V. Bougatsos SA provides systems for Music Halls, Theaters etc. which effectively:

  • Monitor current occupancy by continuously measuring indoor CO2 and adjust fresh air supply

  • Achieve multi-zoning air conditions control

  • Quickly adjust the produced heating and cooling production to the current demand performing from 10% of their installed capacity to 100% with proportional energy consumption. 

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