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Refrigerated Logistic Centers
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Refrigerated Logistic Centers

Products distribution is as important as product manufacturing because it affects products final conditions and quality when reaching the final customer.

Contemporary trends lead to more and more use of third part logistics providers and the establishment of numerous Logistic Centers.

 For the Refrigerated Logistic Centers refrigeration systems are almost the most important issue because they determine proper operation and running costs.

V. Bougatsos SA designs and materializes systems for refrigerated logistic facilities such as:

  • Ammonia cooling plants with propylene glycol circulation in room air coolers or with ammonia circulation for penthouse applications

  • HFC cooling plants with DX air coolers or propylene glycol circulation

  • CO2 systems for low temperature applications (ice creams storage -30oC, blast freezers, etc.)

Energy conservation is an important factor which needs to be carefully addressed in Refrigerated Logistic Centers.

Appropriate cooling system and refrigerant selection as well as proper system design affect directly the consumed electrical energy. Final energy consumption can vary to 60% if system design is not made with expertise. 

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