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Salty Snacks
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Salty Snacks

Salty snacks like potato and corn chips, puffies and crunches are consumed largely nowadays leading to creation of modern and high technological snack factories.

In snacks production areas we make systems for:

  • Production area ventilation with fresh - filtered air to remove generated heat, odors and process dust

  • Chilled water systems for puffy snacks extruders

  • Packing area comfort air-conditioning

  • Cold rooms 0o / +4o C or -23o / -18o for ingredients and first material storage

Issues like strong frying odor and great generated heat from the frying pans and ovens are a common problem in this industry which requires special treatment. Also, large air losses occur in the production areas due to exhaustion from hoods and chimneys which demand air replenish. Proper ventilation is necessary.

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