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Cosmetics manufacturing requires special HVAC approach. Air cleanliness and maintenance of stable temperature and relative humidity conditions are prerequisite in many applications and affect product quality.

Most of the eye products require sterile conditions since the eye is significantly sensitive and susceptible to infections.

Refrigeration and HVAC Requirements in Cosmetics Production:

  • Cleanliness of ISO 8 (Grade D) is frequently prerequisite.
  • Room overpressure is always necessary in order to exclude ingress of external air to the production suite.
  • Proper temperature control and mainly area cooling is an important need because many products, and especially the creams, contain substances which are vulnerable to heat.
  • Relative humidity control is important especially in dry, powder-form products.
  • Chilled water or glycol brine for products cooling is in many application demanded. The designed refrigeration system which will cater for the product cooling must have adequate stored cooling capacity to accommodate for the high load peaks which are frequent in cosmetics production.

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