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Printing Industry

Printing Industry

Printing Plants encompass a vast variety of printing functions and printing materials form newspapers production (letterpress) to labels printing, packaging material printing, printing on plastic or on glass surfaces etc.

Since product outward appearance is very important into determining final customer's buy decision more and more interest is drawn to the printing quality of labels and packaging materials.

In printing plants air-conditioning, ventilation and manipulation of the processing (drying) air are key production points and affect directly printing operation, quality and safety of the production and surrounding environment.

Temperature and relative humidity must be controlled and uniform to assure stable paper properties since paper is susceptible to contraction and expansion under air conditions fluctuations.

Ventilation with clean - filtered air is necessary. When printing material is designated for food packaging printing production conditions must be as clean as in food production areas. Moreover, since in printing process a lot of air exhaustion takes place make up air must be filtered and free of dusty particles to assure that no particles will adhere into printing surfaces.

Static electricity is a common problem due to the fact that surfaces constantly abrade each other. Static electricity produces troubles in paper flow, since paper sticks to the cylinders, and also incorporates a severe hazard of fire due to the presence of volatile ink solvents. To attend static electricity issue, relative humidity control is indispensable.

Exhaust air volumes treatment requires, in many processes heating, to even 700oC in order to incinerate solvents leading to high energy consumptions. Skilled design of exhaust and make up air systems implementing heat reclaim can contribute to significant energy saving and lowering of operating costs.

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