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Rotogravure is a printing method most commonly used in flexible packaging printing.

Temperature and humidity must be controlled in order to assure best printing quality and stable printing material properties.

In rotogravure solvent consumption is greater to any other printing method because printing surfaces etchings need to be constantly filled up with ink for this reason, there is a an open well with ink and solvent mixture where the cylinder dips in and fills its inkwells with color. Solvent used in rotogravure is volatile and requires special treatment in order to be effectively removed from the production area and be incinerated before  it is blown to the environment.

V. Bougatsos SA has profound knowledge and significant experience in Rotogravure printing process.

In Rotogravure we make systems for:

  • Printing area air-conditioning to maintain 23o - 27oC,  ±1oK

  • Printing area humidification to maintain relative humidity 55-60%, ±2%. We recommend humidification systems of pressurized clean-treated water for minimum energy consumption.

  • Solvents cooling at room temperature due point to achieve minimum evaporation (without air humidity condensation in the solvent)

  • Drying air heating systems using oil at 230oC

  • Printing area ventilation with clean and filtered preheated or precooled air

  • Energy reclaim from the exhaust drying air streams to preheat the make up air

  • Energy reclaim from the oil boilers

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