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Central control & Monitoring Systems
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Central control & Monitoring Systems

Central monitoring of systems operation and alarms overview is of significant importance, especially in large systems, because it facilitates maintenance and emerges immediate response in malfunctions.

V. Bougatsos SA designs central control and monitoring systems depicting in a PC monitor factory's layout with clear demonstration of environmental conditions as well as all the equipment operation state. With a user friendly menu the operator can easily access each system and read operating conditions (pressures, temperatures, operating step, hours of operation, etc.), read alarms and pre-alarms, change setting and keep record.

We highly recommend our customers to install central control and monitoring systems because the benefits are numerous.


In customers wish Central Control and Monitoring Systems can be accessed by our technical department and we can inspect malfunctions, change setting or reprogramming parts of the automation.

This operation can provide useful assistance to factory's technical department. It also offers prompt response to malfunctions; direct instruction can be given from our technical team to factory maintenance personnel for troubleshooting, avoiding extra charges for performing service visits etc.

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