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Cleanroom Construction

V. Bougatsos SA uses top quality cleanroom structural materials with a vast variety of types and configuration providing attractive appearance, absolute accordance to cGMPs and competitive prices.

Our main partitions supplier is the Italian Manufacturer NICOMAC, a leading cleanroom partitions producer with a worldwide presence.

Cleanroom structural elements overview:                       

Modular Walls

Wall solution comprises of modular partitions which are easily assembled together and removable to allow for future expansion or space modifications.

Walls external surface can be:                           

  • High Pressure Plastic Laminate 4mm (HPL)     

  • Galvanized powder coated 0.8mm thick steel partitions (GA- ST )

  • Galvanized powder coated 0.8mm thick steel partitions with 100μ PVC coating (UPVC)

  • Aluminum partitions 1.2mm thickness (AL)         

  • Glass Partitions 12mm or 45mm (GL)                   

Walls insulation can be:                      

  • high density polystyrene 35 kg/m3                       

  • PUR high density polyurethane 35kg/m3                       

  • Rock wool 150kg/m3                                   

  • Honeycomb aluminum                               

  • PIR Polysocyanurate 45kg/m3, (class B1)                      

Coving profiles

All corners (wall to floor, wall to ceiling and vertical wall to wall) are covered with round coving profiles for easy cleaning.

Coving profiles can be made of rough aluminum if they are to be covered by the flooring or anodized aluminum or stainless steel it they to be visible.

Ceiling System

Ceiling System can be walkable and is realized either by a standardized T-grid profile 1200x600 or 600x600 or by full sized flush panels 1200x2400.

Doors & Windows

Doors can be swing (single or double), sliding or fast rolling type. All dimensions possible.

Our doors have rounded profiles, no visible screws, double gaskets in the frame and in the leaf with automatic drop seal at floor for gas tight seal.

Interlock mechanism is necessary in airlocks doors to assure that there would be no infiltration of outside air in the cleanroom envelope.

Windows can have round or 90o angular corners and are firmly incorporated in the wall partitions providing a uniformly smooth surface with no niches at the windows perimeter.


Floor plays an important role in cleanroom success.   

Frigomech approaches every application independently and provides the best solution for flooring materials which satisfies the needs of each cleanroom.

Floor can be from PVC or from epoxy with quartz silica additives to provide a more hard and resistant surface.

For high cleanliness requirements floor must be of null electrical conductance which is achieved with a special earthling mechanism.

Small quantities of biocides additives can be contained to neutralize microbes.


Frigomech can offer a vast variety of cleanroom accessories including:

  • Air showers                                       

  • Gowning equipment totally inbuilt in the wall partitions (benches, lockers etc)

  • Lighting, electrical sockets build-in the partitions etc

  • Pass boxes

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