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Air Handling Units
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Air Handling Units

V. Bougatsos SA designs Air Handling Units (AHUs) on the special needs of each application.

All AHUs elements (fans, coils, filters, humidifiers) are calculated and selected appropriately to meet the requirements of each application taking into consideration the variations of outdoor air conditions and the fluctuation of load demand.

Following the needs of each scope of use air handling units of our design can perform the following applications:

  • HEPA filtration for cleanrooms applications
  • Coiling / heating and reheating, (standard applications)
  • Energy reclaim form exhaust air streams with air-to air heat exchanger or run around coil exchangers
  • De-humidification without energy consumption with face and by-pass damper
  • Humidification with steam blowing                                                                

The AHUs we install are highly efficient (Eurovent certification acknowledgement), are assembled on a rigid structure preventing any leakage, produce insignificant noise, can have a strict hygiene configuration if needed, and allow easy maintenance.

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