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Central Cooling Stations
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Central Cooling Stations

V. Bougatsos SA is qualified in designing and installing centralized cooling systems from 1,000 kW to 10,000 kW cooling capacities.

Large facilities with multiple cooling consumptions and with different cooling load peaks present a challenging area and demand expertise approach. Energy consumption can vary significantly depending on the applied system (more than 80% of consumed energy can be saved in partial loads operation) as well as it is not assured that all areas requirements can be achieved as the system adjusts to the current demand.

Successful operation does not only follow to proper selection of cooling equipment, but the entire system must be properly designed and the most appropriate solution must be applied which suits the needs of the particular application.

Cooling medium (water or glycol) flow system regulation and adjustment of the circulated quantity according to demand is a key element which determines ability to effectively accommodate the current loads and consume the less possible energy.

Our company makes centralized cooling systems with:

  • parallelized air and/or water cooled chillers selected appropriately to accommodate even the minimum load

  • primary/secondary cooling medium circuits

  • automatic adjustment of the circulated cooling medium according to current loads

  • energy reclaim from the air-cooled condensers for production of warm water for the needs of the facility

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