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Humidification Systems
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Humidification Systems

Applications which require maintenance of relative humidity are numerous in industrial processes and in building facilities.

V. Bougatsos SA provides the appropriate humidification solution according to the application requirements, hygiene specifications and the optimum approach to operating and capital cost.

Depending on the application V. Bougatsos SA materializes humidification systems with:                                

  • Steam generation (especially when indoor direct humidification is not possible)        

  • Atomization of pressurized clean water - High Pressure Nozzle Systems

  • Centrifugal water humidifiers for fruits & vegetables cold rooms                                     

Water treatment of the humidification water is essential because humidification water can easily be infected by micro-organisms with the risk to contaminate indoor air. Also humidification water must be clean and free of particles in order to assure proper long-lasting operation of the humidification equipment and especially the distribution devises and avoid clogging and corrosion due to minerals accumulation in the nozzles.

Our company provides water treatment systems including pre-filtration, water softening, de-ionization through reverse osmosis, and sterilization with UV which can provide clean and safe water for the needs of humidification.

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