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Air cooled or evaporative condensers

Air cooled or evaporative condensers

Air cooled remote condensers

In our systems we use condensers of the most reliable international manufacturers such as Güntner Germany, Goedhard Netherlands and Onda Italy.

The condensers of our systems are mainly designed with an additional sub-cooling coil to assure constant subcooling of the refrigerant even at peak loads.

Evaporative condensers

Evaporative condensers achieve a significantly higher efficiency of the refrigeration system. They operate at a condensing temperature about 10°C lower than air cooled condensers providing much greater COP to air-cooled condensing systems. More than 20% energy saving can be attained.

Evaporative condensers are the most appropriate solution in ammonia refrigeration systems and in HFC systems when water cooled condenser and a cooling tower cannot be applied.

 In our systems we use EVAPCO or BALTIMORE (BAC) evaporative condensers

Shell and tube water cooled condensers operating with cooling towers

Appropriate for medium temperature HFC refrigeration systems. They achieve respectable energy efficiency compared to air-cooled condensers. They involve lower capital cost compared to evaporative condensers.

They require desalination and biocide water treatment, regular inspections and yearly full biological cleaning performed by qualified technicians.

We use Alfa Laval or Onda Italy shell and tube water cooled condensers and EVAPCO or BALTIMORE cooling towers.

Evaporative and water cooled condensers consume a respectable quantity of water and require water adequacy.

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