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Air coolers

Air coolers

Air coolers are a key element of refrigeration systems which determine proper operation of the entire application.

Air coolers can be refrigerant DX, flooded or brine fluid (propylene glycol).

We use air coolers from the most reliable International manufacturers including Güntner Germany, Goedhard Netherlands and Onda Italy.

Special features:

  • Fin spaces are selected accordingly to suit the needs of each application.
  • Temperature differential (Delta T) is selected appropriately based on the humidity requirements of each application.
  • Case and tray can be galvanized epoxy painted or stainless steel.
  • When installed in corrosive environments stainless steel coil and header is used and epoxy painted fins.
  • When installed in production areas close to working personnel textile air ducts are connected to air coolers outlet for more uniform & comfortable air distribution.

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