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Condensing units for outdoor installation
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Condensing units for outdoor installation

Condensing units for outdoor installation are appropriate for small or medium cooling capacities and provide full flexibility because all refrigeration equipment, except from evaporators, is included in one compact unit. 

Assembled with one to four compressors all parallelized or forming two circuits, condensing units are the best solution in case there is no available indoor space for compressors machinery, machine shall be relocated or quick & easy installation is prerequisite.

Condensing units consist of: 

  • one to four compressors;  semi-hermitic reciprocating (Bitzer or Copeland Stream) or semi-hermetic screw condensers.
  • air-cooled condenser
  • liquid receiver vessel with relief valve
  • suction accumulator vessel to assure no liquid drops into compressors suction
  • oil-separator, oil reservoir and oil return system to the compressors with float valves
  • suction and liquid line filters and dryers
  • electrical panel IP 65 with automation controller CAREL or Danfoss


All accessories contain isolation valves for easy dismantling.

Our condensing units can be used for applications:

  • Production Area Air conditioning:   +12o / +27oC
  • Cold rooms: 0o / +4oC
  • Freezers: -30o / -18oC

Condensing units are assembled in a painted galvanized steel frame and compressors system is enclosed in an insulated panel box allowing the necessary air for motors ventilation.

Special prevision has been drawn to assure ceaseless and untroubled operation even in extreme weather conditions.

Our condensing units for outdoor installation contain a special mechanism which allows smooth operation even in ambient temperature -20oC. Usually cooling loads are independent of weather conditions; refrigeration demand exists even during very cold days.  Conventional cooling machines cannot star-up after longtime shut off (after a week-end of interaction) when outside temperature is lower to -15oC. Moreover conventional condensing units cannot maintain proper operation of the evaporators when outside temperature is lower to -15oC because excessive condensation in the condenser unit results significant dropping of high pressure and the thermo expansion valves cannot work properly.

Our condensing units have an appropriate controlling mechanism and contain a special high pressure regulation system which is designed especially for production refrigeration in cold climates providing untroubled smooth operation even in very low weather temperatures.

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