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Multi-compressor Racks for indooor machinery installation
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Multi-compressor Racks for indooor machinery installation

Suitable for large installations, they require a sheltered indoor space where compressors and all the necessary vessels and regulative equipment are placed.

 Multi-compressor Systems for indoor machinery installation can be used for:

  • Production Area Air conditioning:   +12o / +27oC
  • Cold rooms: 0o / +4oC
  • Freezers: -30o / -18oC

Multi-compressor units are a assembled in a metal base - rack where compressors are positioned in the top and all the vessels and regulation & safety equipment is positions underneath. Condenser can be air-cooled or evaporative positioned outdoors or shell and tube water cooled integrated in the rack connected with a cooling tower outdoors.

Multi-compressor units- racks consist of:

  • two to four parallel coupled compressors ; semi-hermitic reciprocating (Bitzer, Copeland Stream or Mycom) or hermetic or semi hermetic screw compressors ( Bitzer)
  • liquid receiver vessel with relief valve
  • suction accumulator vessel to assure no liquid drop to compressors suction
  • oil-separator, oil reservoir and oil return system to the compressors with float valves
  • oil cooler in screw compressors application
  • refrigerant level control
  • suction and liquid line filters and dryers
  • liquid sub-cooling, standard for low temperatures. It improves efficiency significantly.

 All units are manufactured upon the special needs of the project and the customer.

V. Bougatsos SA high-qualified design department incorporates in our applications special energy-efficient solutions. Such solutions include economizing, heat regain from the air-cooled condenser to produce warm water for the facility, cascade compressors when medium and low temperature consumptions are required etc.

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